Airplay... or not?

Airplay... or not?
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Hello guys
I would like to convert my game made in obj-c + cocos2d, to other platform like android or the other.
I was affascinate from airplay year ago (marmalade today) but a part the price of the standard license, I’m not sure if it is a good way to deploy for the other platform.
Now with cocos2d-x I can deploy for android (and I hope in the future for WP7) for free!
Another good point is to identify for which platform deploy the game. Today the iOS and Android are the most popular, Symbian and Maemo will abandoned in the next few years, I think bada still a good platform, and I don’t think that deploy for WebOs and WM6 will a good investment.
At the end the most popular platform are iOS and Android, and Mamalade has a basic license for only those two platform, but I can recode the game with the same exactly code with cocos2d-x for free!
So what would you suggest me?


Marmalade have easy development process for 2 or many platforms - you write code in one IDE and easy test in one simulator. In raw cocos2d-x you need create and support separate makefiles for some build tools, for example: eclipse or ant project to deploy and test on android device and xcode project to test on ios. I have some troubles with this. I have only android device now. Therefore I write code in xcode, test application on ios simulator and after I rewrite makefiles and some parts of code for run on android device. In marmalade you can writing code once and deploy once for run on ios and android.

If you want write first for ios and after relese port app. on android so cocos2d-x best choise.


Hi there
I think I’ll stay with marmalade for the simple reason that I can write code with only one IDE and test with only one simulator as you said. The worse part if the license of marmalade $499 for the standard….