After on Cocos2dxSimpleGame

After on Cocos2dxSimpleGame
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Operational System: Windows 7 64bit
Can’t build Cocos2dxSimpleGame by following tutorials.

After run ./build_native via cygwin and import the project to Eclipse, I try to Run and get this error:
Your project contains error(s), please fix them before running your application. is generated, please check the image in attachment.

Thank you.

eclipse error.png (79.0 KB)


Remove all @Override and it will compile and work :smiley:


I just started with cocos2dx 2 days ago. I ran into the issue as well on linux. Ensure your project compiler settings is java 1.6.


Rightclick~~>Android~~>Fix project properties.
Change manifest target and minimum to android-8.
Clean project.
Manually change and to match target Android version in manifest, avobe 4.
Reset Eclipse.
Change project C/C++ make command to C:.exe —login -c “cd /cygdrive/your/path/project && ./”

Randomly apply last steps until R is regenerated.