Admob or other ads platfrom with cocos2d-html5

Admob or other ads platfrom with cocos2d-html5
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Hello, is it possible to integrate cocos2d-html5 games with ads?
If yes, could you provide a link where it is explained how to do it?



You could use admob in native app with cocos2d JSB, and adsense or adsense for game in web with cocos2d-html5 game.

We have integrated adsense in FishingJoy game which is a Cocos2d-html5 game. It works properly.
You could visit to get more information.


Hi ShunLin!

I am a newbie to cocos2d js and I was also looking for the admob integration in cocos2d js so badly. Can you please provide a sample of the admob integration in cocos2d js please?



Hi jeevs,

Have you been able to integrate admob into cocos2d-js? If yes, would you share some info on that? I’m also in need of that so badly.




Has anyone here been able to integrate admob into cocos2d-js yet? I need that too and did not find any helpful information.
I would also be happy with just a hint where to start or something like this. im kinda lost.
I came only across two ideas:

  • create an own plugin integrated into plugin-x if i understand right this should then be available in cocos2d-js as we there can add plugin-x
  • use native function calls (at least on iOS) to do the needed stuff over there.
    But both solutions need native coding. For iOS that would be less problem for me as i already developed iOS apps. But i do not have any experience in developing for Android.

If anyone has a finished solution or can help me what i should do would be nice :smiley:


hey Reyka,

Already there is a plugin for the admob you just go through the plugin-x procedure the way facebook is added you need to add the admob library which is already there in plugin/admob folder same directory where facebook plugin is there …


Thank you very much!
I will try this.