addTargetDelegate problem


@ void HelloWorld::registerWithTouchDispatcher()
CCDirector::sharedDirector()->getTouchDispatcher()->addTargetedDelegate(this, this->getTouchPriority(), true);


I’m trying to add touch detection in the standard hello world, but im getting the error:

Ambiguous conversion from derived class HelloWorld to base class cocos2d::CCTouchDelegate

.h file looks like this:

#include “cocos2d.h”

using namespace cocos2d;

class HelloWorld : public cocos2d::CCLayer, public CCTargetedTouchDelegate

// Here’s a difference. Method ‘init’ in cocos2d-x returns bool, instead of returning ‘id’ in cocos2d-iphone
virtual bool init();

// there’s no ‘id’ in cpp, so we recommend returning the class instance pointer
static cocos2d::CCScene* scene();

// a selector callback
void menuCloseCallback(CCObject* pSender);

//a selector for category selected
void buttonPress(CCMenuItemImage *sender);

//a selector for item selected
void itemSelected(CCMenuItemImage *sender);

//touch controls
// Returns the Cocos2d position of the touch
cocos2d::CCPoint touchToPoint(CCTouch* touch);

/// Returns true if the touch is within the boundary of our sprite
bool isTouchingSprite(CCTouch* touch);

// we are multi-touch enabled, so we must use the ccTouches functions
// vs the ccTouch functions
virtual bool ccTouchBegan(CCTouch* touch, CCEvent* event);
virtual void ccTouchMoved(CCTouch* touch, CCEvent* event);
virtual void ccTouchEnded(CCTouch* touch, CCEvent* event);
virtual void registerWithTouchDispatcher();
void holdCheck();

// implement the “static node()” method manually