Adding CCScrollView to CCLayer as child crops screen windows phone 8 cocos2dx.2.2


I am using extensions provided through proj.wp8 present in extensions. I have generated and added libs through Linker in project properties. My code compile fines and links perfectly. I have used CCControl stuff at its working perfectly fine. Stepper, potentiometer and slider are working awesomely.
But when i use CCScrollView in any layer. Lets say if there is a layer with CCScrollView added as child and i go to that layer. My whole screen crops down. Currently I am testing on HTC 8X with screen resolution 720x1280. The screen then remains in the same state through out. CCScrollView never cuts from above and below, no scissoring. Here the images

withCCScrollView.png (247.1 KB)

withoutCCScrollView.png (251.6 KB)


i have the same problem too.