addImageAsync crashes on Android

addImageAsync crashes on Android
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Hey guys,

When I use addImageSync it always crashes when the the game enters the foreground (after locking/unlocking or pressing the home button then going back to the app). addImage works fine though, so I think this might be a bug.

Anyone else encounter this problem?


Yes, I have checked it.
#923 is created for it.

Thank you.


Did you run TextureCacheTest then find the bug, or did you use addImageAsync in your codes?


I encountered the crash when I used addImageAsync in my game. I haven’t tried the TextureCacheTest


I have fixed it.
Please refer for detail info.


Thanks for the quick fix man. It works well now. One thing though I think we should change line 105 in CCTextureCache from:

CCImage::EImageFormat imageType;


CCImage::EImageFormat imageType = (CCImage::EImageFormat) –1; //or create something like kFmtUnknown

Cuz I got a ’variable “imageType’ is being used without being initialized” check failure when I first compiled in Visual Studio.


You are right.
Thank you.