Add two textures

Add two textures
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Is there any simple way to add two textures? I will try to explain :slight_smile:

|1| - first texture from file #1 (size is 50x50);
|2| - second texture from file #2 (size is also 50x50);

|2| - third result texture (size is 50x100, texture2 was added under texture1).

Thanks in advance!

P.S. I’m using Marmalade port.


I think you should merge image1 and image2 into image3, then generate the third texture.


Hi Mingoo! Thanks for reply!
What do you mean by “merge”? Is there any merge() function or I should play with m_pData member?


No, you should do it by yourself.
You can get image data by CCImage, then you can merge the two images into one image.