Add Class Diagrams (and other UML) to Documentation?

Add Class Diagrams (and other UML) to Documentation?
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Hi, I was browsing around projects that branch from JSDoc and found JS/UML, it’s suppseddly an Eclipse plugin that can draw Class and other UML Diagrams from code that contains JSDoc comments. Sadly, I haven’t been able to make it work (most likely some problem with my Eclipse installation) but I think such Diagrams would be a great addition to the documentation, so if anyone cares to try, here’s the site:


Thank you Sebastian! It’s a good idea.


So, I was wondering, have you thought about this? Did you decide not to add this or is it just on really low priority?


For now, we don’t have the time to do this, but after release of 3.0, we planned complete our documentation, I think the tool will be very helpful then,


Good to hear :smiley:


So, I was hoping you guys would try and integrate this into Cocos2d-ide, but looking at the problems it has (how it seems to only work with older versions of eclipse and some of the dependencies used are no longer maintained) I guess it’s not a viable option D:


You know, all this time I thought that internally JSDoc was being used for generating the docs (it’s what I use for my own projects and what’s commonly used for commenting JS code as far as I know), but it turns out you guys use Doxygen!! So this whole thread is pointless '^^

But anyways, now I’m curious about a couple of things:

  1. Are you using this extension? Or how do you make Doxygen support JavaScript?
  2. Have you thought about incorporating Doxygen support to Cocos Code IDE with this Eclipse plug-in combo? (and generating diagrams with it too!)
  3. as I said. I use JSDoc for my own projects, would you reccomend me using Doxygen instead? What advantages does it have over JSDoc? (besides multi-language support, as far as I know JSDoc is the best for JS, but it’s only for JS)