Ad integration in Windows Phone

Ad integration in Windows Phone
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Has anyone managed to integrate any ad provider into a Cocos2dx Windows 8 game? I’ve looked at PubCenter, Admob and Inmobi, and as far as I can see they only work with C# apps, not C++.


I have same problem. Wait for the solution.


here is a tutorial about third-SDK in wp8, you should use xaml project.


Great, thanks.

As an aside, if I build an xaml project using the project creator tool it won’t link for actual devices, but copying and pasting the template project works fine.

I managed to integrate Admob banners just in the c# part, but income is terrible, so I’ll try the tutorial to see if I can get interstitial ads working.


Michael, were you able to get the interstitial ads to work in wp8 ?