Access settings from app

Access settings from app
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I’m developing a iPad game using the Cocos2Dx, and I must say that everything works great!
Thou my iPad game is using up to 10 touches at the same time and this collides with the new Multitask gestures introduced in iOS 4.3.
I did some research and there is no way to disable it from in the app, just through manually go to the settings and turn it off.
So I was wondering if someone know if i can access the setting just to check if the multitask gestures are turned on or not, then force or urge the player to turn it off.
So is there a way to check if its turned on or not, and can i somehow send the user to the setting screen?



I’m not sure if apple offer APIs to query/disable multitask gestures. If there’re some APIs, you can call them from c++ code.


Don’t seems like Apple offer any way to get this done, I guess the best way is just to urge the player to turn it off before playing.
Here is some additional information about it if someone is interested. [[]]