Accelerometer Win32

Accelerometer Win32
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Is there a way to simulate accelerometer on Win32? Looking around i found someone had added something like that before but it is not working. I tried Accelerometer test on both Win32 and android. It works on android.

An alternative for this would be very useful as testing directly on the device takes longer.

I am using cocos2dx-3.0rc1

Thanks :slight_smile:


The accel sim works in win32 using v2.2.2 (and I guess v2.2.3) using cursor keys.
If it doesn’t work in v3 then you should file it as a bug and in the meantime maybe have a look at v2.2.x and bring over the code to v3…


Is there something i have to do to enable the simulator or does it work by default? isn’t working for me on 2.2.3 either :x


Call this in the layer you want to affect…