About writing XML files with Cocos2D

About writing XML files with Cocos2D
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So, I’m trying to store some data on a Cocos app, in this case a set of values on an XML file. I would create the file first, and then overwrite the file when needed be.
I’ve only seen XML parsing (read only) support on Cocos, and I can’t find anything related to XML writing…
Am I missing any part of the engine that might help me? :frowning:

Also, providing that Cocos doesn’t have (or doesn’t seem like it has) support for what I want, I’m trying to directly use the libxml2 library from Cocos and use it externally from Cocos. Could that be a good idea? :confused:

PS: My app is on Android, FYI.(/)


I have the same problem, need to read and write XML file, but don’t know how to write yet.


Well, since I didn’t have any answers to this issue, I had to dismiss any use of Cocos2Dx regarding XML files, and created my own methods following the examples of the libxml2 page. After all, Cocos includes the library and all of its components (/)
Hope it helps man!


Can you share your own methods? I will be deeply grateful.