About word search Diagonal Line Drawing!!!

About word search Diagonal Line Drawing!!!
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Is there any tutorial for scaling a CCSprite Diagonally in ccTouchesMoved. I have successfully scaled horizontally and vertically.
More Like in the word search games are doing.


Look for something like “skew” (it’s effect name).


Thanks Sergey Shambir:) for the reply. But its more like line drawing not skew.


You can use a rotated CCScale9Sprite and resize it (setContentSize)


CCScale9Sprite is crashing whenever I am trying to add it.

How to solve this issue?


Can you give me the error you’re getting?
Which version of cocos are you on?


cocos2d::extension::CCScale9Sprite* show = cocos2d::extension::CCScale9Sprite::createWithSpriteFrameName(“blue-death3.png”, CCRectMake(10,10,20,20));
show~~>setPosition(ccp(winSizeWidth**.25, winSizeHeight**.5));
CCLOG ("%f",show->getPosition().x);

Assertion failed: (width >= 0.0f && height >= 0.0f), function setRect, file /Users/Khaled/Desktop/Current Projects/OnTest/WordSearch/WordSearch/libs/cocos2dx/cocoa/CCGeometry.cpp, line 148.

I am using the version 2.0.4