About the Displaylink Problem

About the Displaylink Problem
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Dear All, I found the issue of cocos2d-x version 2.0.1.

I am the Hong Kong developer of cocos2d-x, I always attach cocos2d-x in to the Xcode Project.

After I try the cocos2d-x v 2.0.1, I found the destroy of displaylink is different to version 1 (using openGLes1.1).

After I call out the scene using XCode Project, and dismiss it. (director~~>end)
It can’t be call the scene out again.
In the CCDirectorCaller.mm try to add and replace following code. Now work fine for me.

  • destroy
    s_sharedDirectorCaller = nil;
    ~~ (void) destroy{
    [displayLink invalidate];
    displayLink = nil;