About the delay of a touch event

About the delay of a touch event
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I am troubled by the delay of the touch event which occurs on specific conditions in iOS.

Conditions 1
[ [ UIAccelerometer sharedAccelerometer] setUpdateInterval:1.0f / 400.0f ] ;
Accelerometer is acquired at a short interval. (required in order to measure the power of a touch)

Conditions 2
[ __glView setMultipleTouchEnabled:YES ]

Conditions 3
In the verification program which hangs big processing load only once,
the processing for which it waits for 15 seconds by initialization was put in.

If this condition is fulfilled, reception of ccTouchesBegan etc. will be received behind time about 1 second or more.
However, delay is not in the whole processing.
A lower left FPS display is 60~59.9.
Moreover, if the same conditions are mounted by UIView and UIViewController, delay will not occur.
Moreover, this problem does not occur by an iPhone/iPad simulator.
The version of Xcode is 4.5.
The version of cocos2 d-x is cocos2d-2.0-x-2.0.3.

I am waiting for information.