About support multi-resolution questions in cocos2d-html5 v2.2.2

About support multi-resolution questions in cocos2d-html5 v2.2.2
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I need to scale all game layers except UI layer(all UI button not scale by device screen).
I understand about `WinSize`,`FrameSize`,`VisibleSize`,`VisibleOrigin`, see the code below:
cc.EGLView.getInstance().setDesignResolutionSize(480, 320, policy);
`cc.EGLView` is global object, I can’t except my UI layer. is have a solution for this issue?

In addition:
[[http://www.cocos2d-x.org/wiki/Upgrade_Guide_from_Cocos2d-html5_v221_to_v222#2-New-Resolution-Policy-design]], can you give us more details for new resolution policy design?

thank you!


Hi Davin

I just finished the documentation for the new resolution policy design, the document is here: http://www.cocos2d-x.org/wiki/Understand_the_Resolution_Policy_in_Cocos2d-Html5_222

For now, the resolution policy scale up all game scene without any exception in layers, if you want to reverse this behavior for your ui layer, you can calculate manually and set your ui layer’s scale factor and position offset to make it look like unscaled.

Hope that helps to resolve your problem



Hi Huabin

thanks you. the document is very clearify for resolution.
The ui layer’s position should set the scale factor too, it’s trouble things. but thank you again.