about fps

about fps
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My game’s Fps is really low unless I resize the window after loding.I’ve no idea about it.Thx 4 ur help if u could aply


Hi, @mjhlybmwq

Can you provide a online link to test?


@pandamicro Here’s the link mwqinfoshan.tk/fkingbird/
Here’s the code https://github.com/mjhlybmwq/FkingBird/tree/master/html5
Thx a lot


On which platform and browser you have met the problem of low fps ?


@pandamicro. Firefox


@pandamicro. and phonegap


@mjhlybmwq, I tested Firefox on both Mac and Windows, but no effect you described has been reproduced.

Here is a example of fps labels, notice that the first line is the total draw call each frame, the second line is the execution time for each frame, and the third is the fps. If your execution time is really low like below 0.01 but the fps also low, then there is no problem in your game logic or cocos2d engine, the problem may be related to your system or browser.



@pandamicro Thx a lot