about cocos2d-console question

about cocos2d-console question
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Hi, everyone
I use cocos2d-console compile js to jsc. I modify cocosbuilder’s source code, cocosbuilder will call cocos2d-console to compile js to jsc before publish, after compiled, cocosbuilder will copy jsc file to app and it doesn’t copy js file to app
but, app crash when i run the app, the debug point out “Assertion failure: !cx->isExceptionPending()”, my cocos2d-x version is 2.14.

anyone have a good idea to solve this problem? how to use cocos2d-console, i way is ok? thanks


a few hours before, i try to use other ways to run cocos2d-console.
here is my ways. i write a script to run cocos2d-console when the xcode compilation, xocde will compile js to jsc. and then, then then app can run normally(under the unplayer mode)
but, when i use player mode(player mode is xcode only run cocosplayer, cocosbuilder will publish js file to application when click run button in cocosbuilder), the app will crash.
I found that in application folder, the directory exist js files and jsc files, it will be crash when run the app.
What happens erroneous?:frowning: