about CCSpriteFrameCache


I packed some small images into a large image,and used CCSpriteFrameCache to get the the small images.but I found that the content size of these small images was the same as the large image’s.is this a bug?My code is like this:

CCSpriteFrameCache *frameCache = CCSpriteFrameCache::sharedSpriteFrameCache();
CCTexture2D *texture = frameCache~~>spriteFrameByName(smallImg1.c_str())>getTexture;
CCSize size = texture


hello, the texture you get from CCSpriteFrame is the same as from CCSpriteFrameCache’s.

if you want to get CCSpriteFrame’s clipped texture size, you could try this method: frameCache~~>spriteFrameByName)~~>getRectInPixels();