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Aandroid ACRA
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I have integrated the ACRA to Android game.
I need each log on google doc, but the assert error like image not found in resource then it did not log in.
is there any way to record each log in remote then please let me know.

Update: i have try with bugsense for reporting but still it can not detect crash.

Thank you.


Catch few links



I can debug using the ndk stack on my PC but i want to log when client is testing the app,so i have integrated the ACRA,
Do have any idea about to log native.

Thank you.


Nope i also try get native stack to acra ;/ i try to read logcat and other things but i don’t know why native log on some devices is printed to log cat on other devices not. Also i can’t read it simply on mobile i don’t see it in logcat. If i find something i will write up here.


Thank you for replay,i will also write here if i found something.

Thank you.


Finally i found it,crittercism.com which provide the native remote stack the method which how it
return it complicated but if you have any query then please let me know i have integrate after 2 days struggle.

Thank you.