A solution for animations in cocos2dx? SWF->cocos2dx ?

A solution for animations in cocos2dx? SWF->cocos2dx ?
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Hi, I’m looking for a solution that allows avoiding using frame by frame animations, which are very expensive memory-wise.

I’ve seen this thread:
http://www.cocos2d-x.org/forums/6/topics/19621 “A New Animation Solution based on SWF for Cocos2d”.
I ran the example in the samples and it works nicely.

Does anyone know if it’s a reliable solution? If it is a solution for animations in cocos2dx I would expect a lot more hype around it.

Also, if anyone is using spine can you comment on is it a better solution / how reliable it is?


Spine is great for 2d animation, I love it.

Then again, I hated animation in SWF :wink:

We tried to some converters, found native tools better.


I second the use of Spine:

It’s also included in the beta. It does cost money, but is well worth it.


To be clear, the editor costs some money for the development tool.

The runtimes are open source and royalty free.


Thanks I’ll check it out. And what about CocoStudio?
I see that it has an animator editor, but I cannot find any document on how to load the exported animation into cocos2dx.
Anyone know if it’s a good tool for animation & how does one load the exported data?


I’ve not used CocosStudio yet, but Spine was developed purely for rich animation control, and can be used for everything from characters to GUI. It has many extensive animation features.

CocosStudio (from what I’ve read), uses action sequences to move things around a scene, so you should be able to use Spine and CocosStudio together?

Keep in mind Spine is not as fast as native cocos2d actions, so if you need to have a large number of sprites on scene, then Spine might not be a good choice.

Also, the Spine editor costs a base set amount, but if your app makes over another amount then you’re required to get a pro license. However, the profits of apps are royalty free as corytrese said.