A question about Lua console window

A question about Lua console window
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In HelloLua there is a console window for logs and errors,
And now I added lua library directly into the project,
yet I cannot find a way to open the console window.

I find myself unable to see any logs like “print” in VS’s console window,
so I wanna ask is there anyway I can open the console window manually.

I’m not using the 50-thousand lines code that Cocos2d-x has binded for us,
because I just wanna use Lua to read and save data to scripts,
so “print” or some other native methods are the only way to show output logs for me.

Many thanks!


in main.cpp has the line:
// uncomment below line, open debug console

if you create a template by the project,maybe the macros are beginning with //,change it to use the macros.