A problem About Using Lua in Android

A problem About Using Lua in Android
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Cocos2d-x Developers,Hi~
When I use Lua in Android, if my Lua files have KeyWord “dofile”, I found my bmp resources can’t loaded, so my Game will only show a black screen.
if I delete the KeyWord “dofile” from my Lua files, my Game will show the picture.
I can’t sure that is it a Bug, But I think I should tell you this problem:)


I think my problem is as same as 浩杰 张’s problem, maybe It can’t use Keyword like “require”,“dofile” in Android?


If you put the lua files in assets, they are packed into apk, which is a zip file. So, you can not use require.


And that can I use Box2d in cocos2d-x’s Lua Engine, has demo in cocos2d-x?


Sorry, Box2d has not been exported to lua.
So, you can not use it in lua now.


It doesn’t matter,Thanks:)