A few fixes

A few fixes
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Hi everybody.
We have fixed a few bugs in the framework. So there are two patches that do that.
The patches were tested with cocos2d-x v2.2.1 and you can apply them using SVN.

Should be applied on cocos2dx_rootfolder.
The patch adds “skew” property to the list of animated properties in CCNodeLoader::parsePropTypeFloatXY.
After that CCBAnimationManager class can implement backward “skew” transformation when animation changes in CCBAnimationManager::runAnimationsForSequenceIdTweenDuration.

Should be applied on cocos2dx_root2dx\tilemap_parallax_nodesfolder.
Adds polyline object reading into CCTMXMapInfo::startElement method. Polypine object read with respect to this subscription: https://github.com/bjorn/tiled/wiki/TMX-Map-Format#polyline, i.e. “same placement definition as a polygon object”

It would be great if these fixes were included in the next cocos2d-x version.

NodeLoaderWithSkew.patch.zip (0.8 KB)

TiledMapWithPolyline.patch.zip (0.9 KB)


Can you make a GitHub pull request for these?


Cory Trese wrote:

Can you make a GitHub pull request for these?

But only for v3.0.x, the latest version in the repository.

Also there is no need in TiledMapWithPolyline.patch anymore - the polyline is fully supported in cocos2d-x v3.0.x.