A Cocos2d-x game is #1 on the App Store now!

A Cocos2d-x game is #1 on the App Store now!


use app brain for that


Thanks mate Its a great source of information.


hi energy,i played the game it’s really amazing:crazy_face:,
when do you check players bought items?, we can play it offline either,and if a player buy new knife and internet connection will be turned off after payment , so in this situation when will player receive detail of payment to be able to play with new knife?


Hi, there is default iap purchase flow, so nothing extra in the game:) Game works in offline


so, do you check player’s bought items every time when he starts to play (we suppose there is internet connection) ?


no, we not checking that :slight_smile: sdkbox:D doing this;)


thanks energy


with which language ? and did you use cocos creator or just the cocos2d-x tools ?


but what exactly is the difference like is it simpler faster ? is there is stuff that i can’t do with creator but can with 2d-x ? or is it just personal preference ?


i think its mostly personal preference.