A Cocos2d-x game is #1 on the App Store now!

A Cocos2d-x game is #1 on the App Store now!


it is cheats :smiley:


New update is live :slight_smile: to make game better

◉ Rare and legendary bosses added!
◉ Beat the new bosses to get new exclusive knives!
◉ Added the settings with sound and vibration control.
◉ No ads purchase added.


Sorry, I know it’s not good for your business. As @Codemattic added, it’s just a life hack.

The main issue I find on my Pixel XL phone is, that the game is running in fullscreen mode and the ads are visible at the place of the back/home/recent buttons. That’s not good, but I understand your intention. This way someone could click unintended on it. - I see this in many games and I hate this position on a phone without hardware buttons.


Will check that, we trying to avoid when banner overlaying buttons - it could happens if admob loads some strange size banner or when app get stretched to full screeen like on samsung s8 and then banner also get stretched and sometimes UI lower buttons get covered with it.


This aren’t strange size banner. It’s normal behaviour on phones without hardware buttons, if the app goes fullscreen. Maybe you should position the banner at the top instead of the bottom of the screen.


hi energyy, when making your games how do you find the perfect sound effects? Do you use any websites with free or cheap sound effects? Any particular software you use for editing sounds effects? Do you record then edit sounds or do you create them from scratch with synthetic instruments? Or do you just outsource the sound design work?


Hi, we do it with sound designer, Im not sure which tools he using:)

Play time is over: iOS developers can no longer ignore iPhone X

Congrats @energyy!
Quick question: why cocos2dx and not cocos creator?


c++ is power :slight_smile:


@energyy thank you.
2nd question: do you use an GUI tool for UI making and UI animations?


no, sometimes we using only spine for animations


I knew it. Just couldn’t confirm that it was really made in coco2dx. Is there any way to find out if is app is made with cocos2dx?


What app are you talking about?


I am thinking in general. The factors which made me think the app is made with cocos2dx are

  1. Size of apk is small.
  2. Speed of game rocks!
  3. Ofcourse a 2d game.


The Knife Hit game was made with Cocos2d-x. It says that in the title of the announcement. I don’t follow why you are not sure it was indeed made with Cocos2d-x.


But how you knew it was a cocos2dx game?


Because the author told me he made it with Cocos2d-x and the author is @energyy a very active user here.


You are wrong. You can develop 3D Games with cocos. :sunglasses:


congratulations @energyy
@slackmoehrle is there any trick that i can identify which game is made with cocos2dx or not from its apk ?


I am playing your game from a long time. I really hate that “soda can” boss though. Just letting you know after playing your game (at that time I wasn’t sure of what engine you used) I started using cocos2dx because while creating a simple 2d game it with unity it really felt laggy (Maybe I am just a terrible programmer). But the speed of coco2dx (c++) rocks. Moreover its open source and I find it really learning experience because when you don’t have a lot of noob friendly tools. You realize your noob mistakes rather than thinking its a norm.