a cocos2d-x beginner's some questions


The project will be running on Android/iOS platform. Now my target is it can running on Android first.

The problem is : I want to get the device whether linking newwork.(or whether wifi of the device is turned on, the best is I can get the strength of current wifi sign),is cocos2d-x providered a similar interface? or how can I come ture it?

Another problem is : how Can I get the deviceID(an android device or an iOS device)?

Further more, I think this problem involve hardware, so I look over the DemoTest Project:AccelerometerTest and CurrentLanguageTest to get some inspiration.
ccLanguageType CCApplication::getCurrentLanguage()
ccLanguageType ret = kLanguageEnglish;

LCID localeID = GetUserDefaultLCID();
unsigned short primaryLanguageID = localeID & 0xFF;

what is LCID?

very thanks!