A "3D" Game developed by cocos2d-x

A "3D" Game developed by cocos2d-x
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Good use of CCCamera and VertexZ could make out effects like 3D.


Following are some free promote codes, any suggestions would be highly appreciated!












Thanks, it looks great, I will download it tonight. :slight_smile:


It looks really awesome! A good example of innovation!


Thank you very much for your message, and it is an encouragement to us. This is our first game based on Cocos2d-x. Considering that we don’t have adavantage on art designing and marketing, seeking outstanding of technique and fresh idea is our strategy. Although revenue of the game is not as good as expected, we glad to get to know one thing: Cocos2d-x is a very powerful platform, and we can get much more than expected base on it. Recently, we are trying to integrate GameCenter, OpenFeint, and some advertisment interface, we will be very happy to share some experience here later.


I’ve used your promotion code since I’m interested in your 3d technique on cocos2d-x.
Thank you it looks really cool. I’ll be sure to comment on any suggestions.



Could you please tell me how the Tire object was implemented? is it a 3d object or is it a 2D Sprite with lots of frames to get the smooth movement??
I am trying to implement a 3d object inside my cocos2dx game!


Hi,I used 44 2D sprites for the Tire object:
1 LeftFaceSprite,
1 RightFaceSprite,
1 LeftHeroSprite,
1 RightHeroSprite,
40 TextrueSliceSprite.
All the 44 sprites build up the Tire object through Flip,Rotate, and VertexZ.
In order to get a “3D” effect, you can adjust the Flip Anger, Rotate Anger and the VertexZ.