3D ToolKit for cocos2dx

3D ToolKit for cocos2dx
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hi, i implemented a simple 3D extension for cocos2dx and it is open source.
because it is very easy to let cocos2d-x support 3D, so the ToolKit is very small, just take a few days to wrote.
hope it is useful to some pals.
gitHub link: https://github.com/wantnon2/3DToolKit-for-cocos2dx/wiki/Introduction

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Very nice!
i was reading somewhere here that the cocos2d-x team planing to make cocos3d-x version


yeah, i heard about that too.
because i currently need some 3D effect in my game, do not want to wait for the yet to come cocos3d-x, so i implemented it myself.
and i found it is interesting and not difficult :)


what is your email? i like to ask you question about the framework


my email is 350479720@qq.com