3.0 beta problem

3.0 beta problem
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3.0 studio’ API all changed, and scrollview is not used in lua? why not?这是坑爹吗?


The reason that ScrollView is removed from lua is that, cocos/GUI module also has a class named ScrollView. In lua binding we don’t know how to support two classes has the same name but different namespace. So we remove extensions/ScrollView.

About stduio API changed, i will ask some body to answer it.


yes,you has your reason,but how can i use the class in lua,some methd?


You should rename extensions/ScrollView and bind it to lua. I think we should do it in next version. I am sorry about it.


And why not use cocos/gui/ScrollView, it is an enhanced version.


We are sorry for the trouble we brought to you by modifying the API of Studio.

We need rational API and framework structure in cocos2d-x. These methods which were changed will make the framework running faster and easier to use.

We promise that we won’t Modify the API, which has so much change likes this time.

We do not want to make you in trouble. Please understand our difficulties.


Wenzhi, you don’t need to PROMISE.
Cocos2d-x changes API in previous versions, not only in 3.0 beta. Comparing to game engines with more than 10 years old, cocos2d-x is still very young. So keeping improvement is better than just staying there, such as MFC framework.