2.2.3 or 3RC1? Is Coco Studio required?

2.2.3 or 3RC1? Is Coco Studio required?
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What’s the issue?
I’m curious on which version is the best to begin learning on. I’ve got a game I want to develop - and I tend to usually use the most recent versions of things for fear of running into issues that have been solved in newer versions.

I’ve downloaded both versions - but I don’t see any tutorials or anything on 3rc1 and to my knowledge the install process is different from what is found in other tutorials. Any insight there? I’ve not seen anything on the forums relating to installing v.3

Second - is the Cocos studio required for game development with Cocos2dx? What benefit does that provide?

I’ll be developing mostly on a mac, and releasing to iOS & Android


start with version 3. A lot has changed that if you start with 2 and then change to 3 you might have a learning curve again.

to install use the project creator.

No Cocos Studio is not required to use when developing Cocos2d-x games/apps.